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Find out what my happy clients say

Coaching/Healing - Testimonials

"I had a pleasure to have a Life Alignment session with Hania. She is a wonderful therapist, very friendly and professional. Her compassionate and understanding approach helps a lot to open up. She knew exactly which parts of me needed healing and did a great job. I felt much better after the session and still can feel how it positively influenced me. I strongly recommend Hania!"


- Aneta Peirzak


“My life alignment sessions with Hania were a fascinating and transformative experience. I attended three sessions altogether and gained very unexpected insights about myself. I finished each session with a deepened perspective about how my life experiences have affected me, and an improved sense of wellbeing, often at a profound level. In addition to this, Hania herself is warm and friendly, passionate about what she does and extremely knowledgable, which only added more to the depth of my experience. I can't imagine it would be possible to attend her sessions without feeling a significant positive change in your outlook and sense of wellbeing.”


- Sara Hirschorn


“I've had a course of 3 life alignment sessions with Hania. It's been such an enlightening experience in so many ways. Hania is not only insightful and knowledgable about life alignment, she is also kind and gentle.

I've left each session with lots to consider and a renewed sense of who I am, and how I let external forces in life affect me. I would highly recommend Hania and her treatments.”


- Judy Webb


"I have had three life alignment sessions with Hania which were brilliant. She has such a vast amount of knowledge on many holistic approaches so she was able to draw on those to give me a well rounded session. She dealt with difficult issues with such ease which made me feel comfortable and able to fully embrace the session. It was a very enlightening and healing experience, which I would highly recommend Hania and Life Alignment to anyone."


- Serena Austin

Life Alignment

Naturopathy - Testimonials

"I have had expert guidance regarding my diet and lifestyle from Hania over the last few years. Due to some life-changing surgery in 2016 and the after-effects on my stamina and general health, I consulted Hania to help me identify the areas of my life and diet which needed to change so I could get my health back. Hania’s knowledge and guidance changed everything. With great sensitivity she devised a programme that was easy for me to follow and allowed for my need to pace myself – not always easy to make changes, give up unhelpful habits and cultivate new ones. But gradually I have incorporated more and more of Hania’s suggestions, and I can say that my health has never been better. I still have some way to go regarding stamina, but at 70, and an amputee, I am well and active and expecting to be more so as I continue recovering from the surgery. In some ways I am more healthy and strong than when I was much younger!

The high quality pure supplements which Hania recommended have boosted my immune system so that I have remained free from infections, and along with this, Hania’s knowledge and experience of pure essential oils has supported my recovery in many ways – using these oils topically for healing, taking certain ones internally to help digestion, and diffusing them to prevent infection or just to uplift my spirits has been a joy and is something I intend to continue with for years to come.

I am grateful to Hania for these resources and for her help and understanding which has given me more than I had hoped for, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and quality of life."

- Christine Hulme Cross

"I had two consultations with Hania Opienski in September and October last year. I had very low energy, pain in most of my joints, severe constipation due to the strong medicines I was taking. I was recovering from radio therapy after my breast cancer operation and treatment. And I have had an autoimmune disease for 20 years. I also had diabetes . In short, I was tired and in pain.


Hania spent the first session in getting to know my body and my diet. Initially she prescribed a hot drink consisting of turmeric, honey, ghee, cider vinegar, pepper and ground ginger. I kept a food diary. I stopped eating bread, sugar, milk and various vegetables such as potatoes and aubergines .. She also prescribed various tonics to improve my immunity. I had an almost instant effect on my system. The swellings and pain in my joints subsided. I slept well. 6 months on, I am still well and pain free. It was a miracle!"


- Rani Atma

Bespoke Private Classes

Superfood Nutrition - Testimonials

"I loved learning about the process of traditional and modern day chocolate making and the health benefits of chocolate in its raw unprocessed form. I also loved learning how to make chocolate with essential oils that tastes delicious and is GOOD for me. Hania’s class was fun and informative. She has a wealth of knowledge about the nutrition and health benefits of oils and essential oils which she brings alive in her teaching."


- Karan Chadha


"Hania’s chocolate and essential oils workshop was super informative and great fun. We learned so much about chocolate - it’s history, how it’s produced, the nutritional benefits of raw chocolate - and how to make essential oil-infused raw chocolate treats. We made our own truffle and Easter egg gifts - and I have to say Hania’s is the most delicious chocolate I have ever tasted - and I have tasted a heck of a lot of chocolate in my time! "


- Jane Turney, writer and Life Alignment practitioner, London

Essential Oil Classes - Testimonials

“Very Informative, and I had no idea the power of essential oils.”


- Virginia Lee, yoga teacher


"Hania is a mine of information on essential oils and how to use them. She is also a natural communicator which makes her classes fun as well as interesting. We learned so much in two hours and came away with three fabulous skincare products we made ourselves, infused with wonderful oils chosen for our particular needs. A great evening - especially with a group of your friends."


- Jane Turney, writer and energy psychologist

“Great information on medicinal and emotional benefits of essential oils.”


- Karan Chadha, yoga teacher


“I enjoyed learning about the different uses and smelling the oils. Hania has been very professional and knowledgable - totally worth doing!”


- Stefania Morosi, yoga teacher


“I liked the education about essential oils - educated my sense of smell. Reminds me of memories of smells. Very interesting.”


- Alice S.


“I learnt new things about how the body works and how oils can interact with us, which was fascinating. And really enjoyed smelling all the amazing oils. They’re gorgeous and I want all of them!”


- Deborah Kerpner, Manager counselling service


“Really interesting. I loved trying some new oils.”


-Sue Williams

Essentia Oil Classes
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